This has been considered an extreme sport by many, so safety is very important. There is some essential equipment and safety tips that you need to keep in mind before you begin. The most important of which is to ensure that you are always wearing a mask or goggles to protect your eyes as is this the most vulnerable part of your body especially when it comes to this sport. In comparison the rest of your body is only likely to be bruised.

Next is ensuring that your gun is in check when not in use. Usually most guns have some form of safety switch which can be used. But the common consensus is that this is insufficient to ensure safety so it is advisable that you use some form of a barrel cover such as a barrel plug or a barrel sock to prevent accidental shots from causing harm to anyone. Adults need to guide the way for children in this regard by always ensuring that they do this once the gun is not in use, especially in paintball parties for children. As the plug is said to have a chance of breaking open after about two shots so the sock which is more like a pouch has higher chance of ensuring safety in case of accidental shots being fired. Visit this link for further information regarding indoor paintball.

Next there are some basic equipment that although is not essential will be good to have in terms of clothing. The first on that list are gloves. This is always useful regardless of the setting. Then there are padded shirts and pants which have padding over vulnerable areas to reduce the chance of serious bruising. Most commercial sites provide these clothes as well as other safety equipment. So there is nothing to worry about when planning paintball parties in Sydney, you merely have to go to a commercial site and everything will be made available for you.

Moving on paint balls tend to travel at a very high velocity hence using a chronograph device to control your velocity is of utmost importance to ensure everybody’s safety. These devices are usually made available at commercial sites but if you are intending to have a match independently it’s advisable that you purchase a chronograph device to aid you. The usual accepted limit is 300 feet per second (fps). This varies depending on the setting of the game, for indoor games it is reduced to about 250fps and even night matches the velocity is reduced as visibility is obviously low

The above mentioned things are simply a basic guide as to how ensure safety while engaging in this game. Safety instructors at commercial sites will inform you of other factors to keep in mind in terms of safety. If you plan on organizing one independently it is advisable that you check online if you feel like you need more safety tips.